From the craggy moors of Britain’s Blackstone Edge comes Philip Clayton-Thompson of Blackstone Edge Studios. PCT began singing as a young Lancashire lad for sixpence in seedy pubs in the North of England. Shared a dressing room with the Beatles at the Queen’s Theatre Blackpool. Went down to London. Became a camera man for Swedish, Danish, ZDF and BBC prior to becoming a documentary filmmaker. Got a rubber bullet up his bum while filming stone throwers in Belfast. The only Englishman to escape from East Berlin. Won the 1973 Chicago Film Festival for “A Place Called Ardoyne.” Created the most publicized exhibition at the Tate in London. Produced a doco for BBC Channel 4 on LS Lowry. Produced one of the most influential docos in the late 1970s, “Tolmers, Beginning or End?” which was shown on the BBC. As a cameraman, producer/director, PCT worked for many TV Stations in the U.K. and Europe before moving to the United States.


Moved to Hollywood. Developed situation comedies, and feature films and other “Hot” projects. Moved to the Pacific Northwest, where he produced films for some of the largest companies in America. Traveled the U.S., Canada & Italy, photographing everything from mansions to mobile homes to Jeeps in Alaska. Studied Opera for 10 years. Produced an original musical. Photo’d 200+ national magazine covers. Co-owns a boutique ad agency: “Blackstone Edge,” with writer/producer Donna Pizzi, who has written for TV and Film in America. Has 5 million + YouTube hits with BSE videos. Writes original lyrics for songs about the World. Teams up with a Swedish composer adopted in Colombia, Daniel Buhr. Produces a music video, “Ardoyne,” wins 6 International Film Festival Awards, and is an official selection at 50 other international film festivals. His latest startup venture is – designed to help filmmakers rate and compare film festivals around the world. Continues his passion for creating and producing documentary films with numerous projects in development.